I’m tired today…..

Originally posted on 8.24.16


Today, I’m tired.

The camping trip, the 7 hour car ride, but mostly the TN chronic pain, it wears me out.

So today, I’m in pain still, but mostly extremely fatigued.

I haven’t put one single thing from our trip away yet.

I did go through my daughters college dorm stuff to see what we’ve got and what we need to still get. But, instead of taking her out on a mother daughter bonding shopping trip. I get on Amazon and order the rest from there w Prime, so it’s here in time to move her in this weekend.

I miss out on a lot because of this disease and all the side effects that go along w it.

More importantly my kids, husband and friends miss out on a lot because of my Trigeminal Neuralgia and my Fibromyalgia.

That’s all I have the energy to write today. But I wanted to make sure I did. Because this is the reason for this Blog. The truth.

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