It’s been a little while.


So, it’s been a while since my last post/blog/writing/entry, whatever you call what I’m doing.

I have many excuses for that.  Here’s just a few:

I didn’t think it mattered if I did or not, I didn’t think I was helping anyone anyway so why keep writing, I don’t have anything to say that will make any difference to anyone, I was lazy, It seemed really hard to start, I have been having some hard, hard days, etc….

But, they’re all just excuses and reasons to talk myself out of writing a post.

For some reason, it seems really hard to start writing lately, and it’s the same thing when I go to hang up my laundry, or clean my room, or get groceries, or put groceries away, you get the point.  It seems like it’s so hard to start many things, yet if I just start it or them, I’m fine!  I think I could talk myself out of about anything.  Can anyone else relate to this?

To be fair to myself, and extend myself a little grace, I will say that I am pretty exhausted most of the time also, due to being in chronic pain constantly.  It’s very, very draining just dealing with pain.

So, here’s a little update on what’s happened with my Trigemnial Neuralgia story since I’ve been selfishly and lazily absent.

The last surgical procedure I had done, the Glycerol Injection, hasn’t done anything to help me and my pain.  In fact, my pain is worse.

However, it’s not worse because of the injection, it’s just that the injection didn’t work for me to control my pain, and this is a progressive disease.

So, after the Injection not working and then talking with my Surgeon, Dr Sahni in Richmond, VA, we have scheduled another MVD, Micro Vascular Decompression.

Right now his very first opening is on November 30.

He has told me, personally, that I am his priority and that if anyone cancels for any reason that I am guaranteed that spot.

So as of right now, my surgery date is November 30th, but it could be sooner and if it is, then we are ready to go!

I will either find a place here on my blog to post the definitions of TN, MVD, Glycerol Injection, Gama Knife, and also resources for you to start at and do more research if you want to or need to, or I will just make separate blog entries for them.

After my last trip to Virgina, where we learned that my TN is not just involving the outside of my Trigeminal Nerve, but is also in the fibers of my inner nerve; I will be exploring different options for controlling this pain and where to go and what to try from here.  As each MVD that I have, the time of relief I get in between them is getting less and less.

I’m going to have to find some other ways now.

Because this girl will never be without this nasty, nasty disorder and disease.

Also, please know that I am not a doctor or any medical professional.  I am just me, and this is my journey and my experiences with TN, and anything I find, am thinking about or will try is my way of trying to figure out something to help me lead a better life for God, myself, my family and friends. And I will post my failures and successes.

The most important thing is to never give up!

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