Goodnight This Morning


Today is still yesterday to me.  As you slept last night, I sat awake.

Because of a more painful day yesterday, I had to take more pain meds than I usually do on a typical day for me.  The problems with that are, I tend to not be able to sleep very well and then I also get super frustrated really quickly.  Neither of these things are very helpful to me.  I’m in pain, and it’d be nice to be able to get some sleep.  Not only to get a little break from feeling the constant chronic pain, but also because lack of sleep adds to the intensity of the pain.  Just one more vicious cycle that goes hand in hand when dealing with chronic pain.

I found myself first snapping at my husband this morning – over nothing – then if that’s not enough, I snapped at my daughter too!  Bonus points for this mom and wife this morning.  We’ll just add that to my ‘I feel guilty for’ list.

This disease is not just debilitating to me, but it effects everyone around me.  And that’s not fair.

I’m so tired, and exhausted.

I’m going to try to lay down and get some rest.

Pray that I can, without having the shocking, electrocution type pain, shooting through my cheek bone and teeth and left side of my face; as I’ve been dealing with this all through the night.

For my sake, and for the sake of the people who have to be around me.



Be empathetic and sympathetic to the people around you, they make look ok on the outside, but so many of us are struggling on the inside.  Mental illnesses, learning disabilities, self-esteem struggles, chronic pain conditions, memory issues, social anxieties, etc.

Or maybe they are a family member of someone with a hidden disease, disorder, disability or illness and they are struggling too because they are hurting for their loved one.

Instead of automatically judging, extend some grace today!


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